Today I will introduce you to what many people call one of their favourite travel destinations. Antipaxos is an island of the size of 5 square kilometres and is located about 3km to the south of Paxos. In 2011 the population of Antipaxos was 20. Most houses there belong to inhabitants of Paxos that go there for vacation or to look after their vineyards. There are also a few villas that tourists can rent. However, the prices are not really affordable.

Antipaxos has three beaches: the sandy Vrika beach and the two pebble stone beaches Mesovrika and Voutoumi. The water there seems clear blue because of the pure white sand ground. Even on cloudy days the blue water looks simply amazing. It's the perfect spot for snorkelling. In the summer the beaches are packed with tourists who get there by taxi boats from Paxos. However, there are also some private coves on the island which just require a short walk on foot. Tourists can also explore the island and walk to the church or the lighthouse. Unfortunately, camping is not allowed.

Even though the island is really secluded there are some taverns to choose from. For example the "Bella Vista" tavern that towers over Voutoumi beach - 200 steps lead to the restaurant where you can savour your food while enjoying the view.

All in all, I would recommend a visit to this small paradise. Relax, enjoy and take some pictures to make all your friends jealous!

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