...the fire had never existed?

An ancient Greek myth tells the story of a Titan called Prometheus who stole fire from Zeus the father of the gods to give it to the humanity.
Scientific research tells a different reality, it gives us a date that goes back to the period of Homo Erectus (1,5 millions years ago).

The most reliable theories of the moment tell us that the discovery of the fire was an accident.
Other theories tell us that The Fire was discovered thanks to the skills of the humans to master the fire caused by natural events.
The control of the fire by the humans has allowed them to evolve.
The evolution of the human happened due to the new possibility of cooking food, making it more digestible and eliminating germs and bacteria that were otherwise fatal.
This discovery has improved the way of making cooking utensils and hunting weapons which consequently guaranteed the adaptation and the survival of the human.

What would have happened if the fire had never been discovered?
How could the life of the humans be today ?

If our ancestors had never discovered the fire, their weapons made of animal bone and stones would not have been able to defend them. Therefore the humans would have died because of the lack of ability to defend themselves.
Although the human would not have died, the history of the humanity would be different. In history books we would not have read of the big fire that destroyed Rome when it was governed by Nerone, we would not have read of knights that forged their weapons to save their damsels in distress. Furthermore, we would not have got the news about the greatest invention of the human: Steam Locomotive.
The discovery of fire has influenced the lifestyle of humanity.

Now it is appropriate to answer the questions from above.
If the fire had never been discovered today the Earth's population would be decimated by an amount not even calculable.
Men and women would have improved hunting to eat and warm up. Moreover, some areas of the world would never have been discovered, as the man in the absence of means of transportation could have only moved on the back of animals.
Without fire the activities would have taken place only by day and for a few months the humans would have lived most of the day in the dark.

In conclusion, we can say that the fire is a fundamental, almost vital necessity for humans and in the absence of it we would probably still be in a less evolved state today.



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