...The stars would vanish?

When you go out at night and look at the sky, how would you describe the most beautiful view for you? Would it be a sky full of clouds, grey or just a dark one, where the stars are invisible because of the light which is emitted from the ground?

I believe most of you would say that they like a sky full of stars or as I heard once “a black velvet full with thousands small diamonds”.
If you believe that this is one of the most beautiful night views, I agree, so I asked myself: what would happen if we would one day look up and the spotting of any star would be impossible?
Firstly to clarify it, of course their vanishing would not originate from the natural way stars die, because stars die becoming a super nova and as the nearest star to us is the sun, we would go at the same time with it to sleep… with that this reflection would stop here.
So maybe I should start with the impact their disappearance would have on the thing I suppose we all have firstly in mind, our surrounding at night.
As the stars would vanish we would have a black night sky and through that, except the no-natural lights, darkness, because not only the stars would not emit light anymore but neither would planets reflect their light, as well as their moons, so neither ours which reflects the most nights the suns light.
As the night sky is black we would not really be interested in another side effect their disappearing would cause. The gravitation of the stars in our galaxy keeps the solar system in it. This does not really matter, we could say, it only maintains a more beautiful, assorted night sky, we could claim. But does it really not concern us? What would happen if we loose the gravitation of the sun?
What would happen with the earths orbit? Its rotation?
Let us naively say there would be no change. Ok, but then what would happen to all the miracles? Is it not under the stars that we believe or hope for miracles, do they not somehow bring with them the magic?
Imagine a couple on a bench at night, there is a total different feeling if they see over them a sea of stars smiling at them, they come closer to each other without even noticing it, because even if we do not realize it those little sky fires give us warmth in our souls.
But the stars do not just hold in their lights a romantic aspect, since older times the stars worked, of course only if there were no clouds in the sky, as a compass. They were the small reliable guides of every traveler and still are, on land, on sea and in the sky as for example for the astronauts today.
Their light makes the other planets, which do not emit their own light, visible for us and their existence tells us the history of the universe and furthermore our existence which bases on them or even on their destruction. This is due to the fact, that through the supernovas not only lots of elements are created, of which as well the basic elements on earth originated, but also radioactive heavy elements, of which the warmth in the middle of the earth is mostly created.
Fine…but lets say all those things are not so severe, let us just state it unfunded… so what would happen then at day time? Nothing? Is not the sun our nearest star?
The first thing we would maybe realize, except the lack of its gravitation, would be the total darkness also at daytime, everything around us could just be seen with the help of non natural light sources, most of the beauty around us would be invisible.
As an effect the most basic established units of human timekeeping like the day and year would not have any foundation and maybe more severe our biological clock would get totally confused.
As well with no sun there would be no solar radiation. Yeah, no radiation means better skin. This is quite right, but the sun encourages in our skin the production of Vitamin C, which means without external supplements we would have a lack of it and not only would we have trouble growing without the sun...
Also the suns radiation and energy warms us up all around the clock, so without it the earth would cool down, totally and not just like a normal winter.
With all this in mind we can conclude that if the stars find one day all together their end, or even just our nearest one, it will not be something we will witness at all, so have a lot of fun seeing the stars at night and getting warmed up by the sun at day.  

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