The Wavers

A new week has arrived so it’s time for a new band! Today I want to introduce you to The Wavers, an Italian Instrumental Rock n' Roll Surf band from Cantu, a city close to Milan, which started playing in summer 2007.

Their first EP, recorded in the first months of their music activity, collects four songs and it’s named as the band “the Wavers”. At the beginning the group was formed by Ricky Waver, guitarist, Johnny Waver at the drums and Matt Waver at the bass. Ray Waver, the keyboard player, joins the group only for a short time for the live performances of the band and the promotion of the LP “Welcome to Waverland” released in January 2009. In 2011 their second album is released with the name of “Calavera” and it collects vocals as well as instrumental pieces and it’s a mix of Twist, Surf and Rock n Roll from the fifties and the sixties. The other guitarist, Bob Waver, joins the group only in 2013 when the live activity of the band is very intense, and together they record the first single “Hot Rocks” released at the end of 2015.

Their songs follow a surf-rock style and in them we can find the influence of famous bands such as Ramones, Beach Boys, the Beatles, Los Straitjackets, the Ventures, Dick Dale and many more.

Their tracks are distributed under Creative Commons’ licence and they are immediately positively welcomed by a vast audience. The songs are often played by the radio and they reach over 200.000 listening and 50.000 download in the first 5 years of the band’s activity. Also, The Wavers performed in many music festivals and concerts in Italy, and around Europe.

Right now the Wavers are working on a new EP planned to be published in 2017 for the tenth anniversary of the band.

I hope you will enjoy their music and see you next week!



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