Today on our creature from Hellas I want to tell you something about Geryon. This creature has normal feets like a human, of course very athletic and strong, but not extra special. Sometimes his appearance is very special, for example if you see him with his three heads or even with his three bodies, which are also very athletic and strong.

Sometimes you see him with a rope and a trident on one of his six hands, but usually he just uses sword and shield.

Of course, our hero of this week also has a kind of escort. A herd of red bulls are all the time next to him. He is not the only guarder of this herd, also the brother of Kerberos (sometimes also Kerberos on its own), Eurytion (a giant) and Orthos, the dog of Geryon with two heads. Unfortunately, Orthos was killed by Heracle

Heracles has one mission: to take the herd of the bulls under his power. Not only Orthos, but also Eurytion had to die for this. Menoites told Geryon about what happened, so that Geryon wanted to fight with Heracles. Geryon finally died by an arrow from Heracles. As if that was not enough, Hera, who wanted to help Geryon got also injured.

Now it is your turn: What do you think, is Geryon part of the Greek mythology or an invention of Hollywood? Try to guess and check your answer on

The Geryon is part of the Greek mythology.


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