Our Band of the week for today mainly consists of Seth Power.

Already with eight years Seth Power started playing the piano and with ten years he started playing the guitar as well.
In the age of 14 he began to write his own music with passion.
During the following years, Power took part in highschool music competitions but also gigs outside of the school.

After school it got clear to him very fast, that he had to follow his artistic intuition.
So he quitted his job and focussed on his progress as a musician.
In 2016, Seth Power collaborated with a young female artist in order to produce an EP.
In this respect he took the responsibility to write and record songs.
All of the difficult hours in the producing studio extended his knowledge and prepared him in this way for his latest project, which is the album "Magnolia Soul".

The songs in the Album are varied. From pure lovesongs over societyquestioning tracks to inspirational songs there is something for everyone.
The genre is alternative rock and the main instruments are drums, e-guitar and celli.
In interaction they create a rhythmical, melodical vibe complementing the sensitive voice of Seth Power.

I hope I could give you an impression of the artist, who just started a maybe shiny career.

The song you are listening in the following is called "messes" and it is a thoughtful song.
Now have fun making your own opinion about todays Band of the week.

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