Agios Galas

The name of the village Agios Galas (Άγιο Γάλας) belongs to the expression “milky water” (γάλα = milk), which drips from the stalactites of the cave, which is made up of a complex of three caves.

The village is 69 km far away from Chios City and is located on the top of a mountain. In the village in the north west of Chios Island, you can find these unique caves which are very long and well worth seeing. They are almost 200 meters long and were built by humans in 700 before Christ.

But the first settlers came to Άγιο Γάλας in the Neolithic period (6.000 to 5.000 B.C.). The location of this village on the mountain made it secure from pirate attacks in the past. They also had a watchtower in their village.

 The village is a place of pilgrimage until today but even since the Byzantine period. Also in the cave there is a small chapel in honor of Agia Anna. The center of Άγιο Γάλας is also really amazing and also be worth a visit. The village festival is every year on the 22th August.




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