Nea Potamia

"Nea Potamia" ("New Potamia") is a modern village near to the ancient village of "Palia Potamia" ("Old Potamia"), a deserted village nowadays.

Nea Potamia is located at the eastern mountainside of Amani, 50 kilometers from the city of Chios and 9 kilometers far from Volissos. The inhabitants from Old Potamina moved there in order to not be spotted easily by the pirates.

Potamia takes the name of "potamia" = rivers because the village lies in the junction of two rivers. Nea Potamia is famous for the spring waters, the new aeolian produces electrical energy at the nearby aeolic park.

Local celebrations are on January 17th (Saint Antonios) and July the 1st (Aghioi Anargiroi).

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