Chios - The Island of Mastic

Welcome to the 'Culture-Section' of ! In this section we want to present to you the culture of Chios in special, and of all Greece in general. In order to do so, we have 4 different sections for you, which are named as follows:

First of all we want to show you a variety of cultural Events that take place on Chios / Greece, like an Orthodox Wedding, the Mostra of Thimiana and the Rocket War. Next are Specialities of which we want to give you an understanding of. Most interesting here should be the traditional Greek recipes, with which you can enrich your culinary experiences. In our Movie section on the other hand you have the chance to relax and enjoy the pleasure of watching films either of Greek origin or directed in the country of the Greeks. Last but not least we have the introductions of the Iliad, the enormous Greek mythological volume, written by the the famous author Homer, who was born on the island of Chios.

So take a look and browse through the rich culture of Chios, the island of mastic, myths, Ouzo and much more! But see for yourself ...

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