Shopping, Relaxing, Discovering

At least one of these things is what the common tourist nowadays does on his or her vacation, and all of this is what they will get on the island of Chios.

Though not being one of the biggest or most populated islands of Greece, it holds a rich culture, a huge variety of places and its own specialities, which should satisfy any kind of visitor. From the 'sun worshipper' to the hiker pretty much everybody gets what they want.

Going to the capital of the island, the City of Chios, for a Greek coffee at the harbor, jumping into the crystal clear Aegean Sea at Mavra Volia, cresting the 1297 meters high Mountain Pelineo or discovering the mystical caverns of Olimbi, on Chios island is everything the modern tourist's heart is craving for.

So check out the Villages and Regions on the island of Chios, its beautiful beaches and discover Special Locations, the Greek culture and maybe even your next holiday destination! And if you are not satisfied with Chios, why not just visit its Neighboring Islands?

If you want to learn about people, who call(ed) Chios their home, have live or were born here, we recommend to check out our Famous People of Chios section. Here you will hear many names of people you've probably already heard of, but never knew their connection to the small Greek island. Also check out our Information site, in which you can find many interesting facts, not only about Chios, but also places all around Europe, the EVS and much more!

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