People's Voices

Welcome to our new section People's Voices! Here you can listen to inhabitants of Chios in all ages and even see them, since we finally took the step into the visual level. Children talking about their favorite beaches, interviews with museum proprietors and many more.

Also you can watch all the movies one after another in our playlist, which you can find in our Youtube channel, or here on your right hand side.

So watch, listen and enjoy!

New Technologies Activities

In these New Technologies Activities our children will learn about computer programs as Audacity or for editing videos and photos, also some internet tools like WordPress...etc. They are very quick learners and they make an effort to keep the level.

At the same time they learn and improve their knowledge about languages because our activities and programs are in English.

To make it more interesting we take the children in the beginning of each week and make some photos of our beautiful island. Afterwards we work with them based on these pictures and show them how to edit and save them.

The main goal is of course to have fun but also to learn a few interesting and useful things in a non-formal way.


For seeing some of their work with WordPress click in the following links:

Blog Activity TES

Blog Activity 1 TES

Blog Activity 2 TES

For seeing some of their work with Audacity click in the following links:

Our children tell us about their summer experiences

Our children tell us about the summer activities

For seeing some of their work editing pictures click in the following links:

Some of our children's work

Some of our children edited pictures


Technology Education and Sports Seminars

In this category we will inform you about our seminars, the Technology Education Sports Organization organises seminars about several subjects. In these ones we teach the children about different computer programs or internet possibilities among other subjects.

We work with little children groups for making their learning easier and more dynamic. Here you can find the information about our seminars and our children progress.

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