Chania! It is one of the biggest cities of Crete, a place moulded by a lot of different cultures. Wandering around the Old Town’s alleys with the beautiful Venetian buildings, the fountains and the elaborate churches will help you discover well-preserved historical monuments.


This week's topic is the island Aegina. It is one of the most popular islands amongst tourists because it is the closest to Athens. Some Athenians even have a second house on the island for the weekends and the summer.

Agios Stefanos

Agios Stefanos is really close to the west coast of Chios, near Mesta. You can only visit Agios Stephanos by renting a private boat, or if you are strong and an experienced you might also be able to swim there.


Greece is a beautiful country, anywhere you go, you will find beautiful surroundings and friendly people. Today I am going to talk about, no exception, Spetses, a small island with 18 miles of coast and the hilly interior is filled with pine forest. This Island is small but just big enough to keep you occupied while visiting, there are many summer activities, the best season to visit is actually September-October, because the weather is not unbearably hot nor cold, In 2000-2006 this Island actually had snow in the winter period. Most of the Island will be closed during winter time.


Today I want to talk to you again about a beautiful island in Greece which you could visit next.
The island is really small and therefore the perfect place to relax and forget all your daily problems.
Agathonisi is the most northern island of the Dodecanese and is located really near to Samos. So you could maybe take a day trip from Samos to Agathonisi.  






This beautiful island with 2,700 inhabitants is situated in the east of mainland Greece and  in the north of Euboea and northwest of the island of Skyros; with Skiathos and Skopelos is the third member of the Northern Sporades.

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