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As you might have already realized: is not created by a team of professional workers who have studied "Internet Radio".. But a group of interested volunteers from different countries all over Europe who are interested in these technical and journalistic aspects are improving their technical skills day by day in order to present some interesting topics. One of these informing, entertaining and teaching topics is:

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As we have already mentioned: We are a group of volunteers of different ages, cultural backgrounds and of course interests. This makes this website so interesting on the one hand and on the other it's also a great source for a number of hilarious situations and stories we wish to share with you!

Of course some of them are based purely on our imagination and are exaggerated to appear more funny and interesting to you as the may have been. Somehow they are all connected to our daily life and all of them contain at least some truth. So listen below to join our daily madness with ...

Coming Home or A Ferry Tale

Having holidays is nice and spending them in Turkey is even nicer! At least as long as everything works out the way it was planned...


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